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The Dance Connection is a non-profit education and outreach program that utilizes dance to teach underprivileged students (3rd through 8th grades) how to connect the mind, body, and emotional self. Students are taught a variety of basic dance techniques, vocabulary, and history.

Dance teaches spatial awareness, body control, discipline, dedication, perseverance, confidence, as well as problem solving skills, social cooperation, and self-expression.

Since its creation in 2006, the program has reached thousands of students through its various residencies and workshops.


Summer Workshop

The Summer Workshop is a 5-day program that teaches students a variety of dance disciplines during a 3hr/day intensive. Students develop positive attitudes about body and self; become aware of rhythm and body connections through space, time, and energy; and gain an appreciation of dance. Individuals who show promise in dance may be offered a scholarship to continue their dance education year round.

Classroom Benefits

The Dance Connection is beneficial to all students as it promotes individual creativity. Students are given an introduction to dance technique and then participate in activities that involve shapes and locomotion/ non-locomotion movement. They explore levels, occupied/ unoccupied space, partnering activities, and activities that involve various rhythms. Depending on the requests of the school, the activities can also include principles of math and science.



The Dance Connection is an education and outreach program of Alabama Youth Ballet Theatre. It is funded through grants received by Alabama State Council on the Arts, the Arts and Cultural Grant through the City of Huntsville, as well as fundraisers and donors.

                                                                         Donors have two options to contribute:

Adopt a Dancer

Adopt a Dancer supports participants of the Summer Workshop. Each year, approximately 30 students participate.

The cost for a single dancer per day is $30.

Your tax-deductible donation covers:
— Instructors fees
— Workshop supplies
— Healthy snacks
— a T-shirt for each participant

Adopt a Classroom

Adopt a Class supports participants in Title 1 schools during the school year for daytime and after school programs. 


The fee for adopting classroom is $300.

Your tax-deductible donation covers:
— Instructor fees
— a T-shirt for each participant

The Dance Connection Instructional Videos


I understand that there are risks of physical injury associated with dancing. These risks include the potential for slips, falls, and other risks not specified here.


Due to Covid-19, TDC instructors are not physically present to correct improper placement of dance technique. Understanding these risks and the potential for others not listed, you are dancing at your own risk. Be careful as you participate in online classes.

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