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Ballet & Pointe

Ballet & Pointe


 is for ages 6 & 7. Based more on ballet principles, but still emphasizes the “fun” aspects of dance.

Ballet 1: 

is for ages 8 and up with no dance experience or for age 7 with previous dance training. Beginning ballet technique includes barre, center, and traveling exercises.

Ballet 2 - 8:

 Placement by ability. Each level increases strength, ease of movement, and knowledge of ballet vocabulary.

Pointe 1: 

is for dancers who have completed ballet through level 5 and have passed a pointe assessment.

Pointe 2 -  4: 

follows Pointe 1 as dancers improve skills and are placed by ability.


is for advanced male dancers and female dancers at level Pointe 4 and higher. Dancers in this class develop classical ballet partnering skills.

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