The Nutcracker, A Yuletide Ballet 2019 CAST LIST


Choreography….(Based in part on the original choreography by Lev Ivanov)

David Herriott, Keren Gibb Hilliard, Wendy Graham, Meg Hall, Mary Halverstadt, Loyd Tygett

1= Friday Dec. 20, 7:00, Lee High School

2= Saturday Dec. 21, 2:00, Lee High School; 

3 = Saturday Dec. 21, 7:00, Lee High School;

4 = Sunday Dec. 22, 2:00, Lee High School

Casting for the men is not yet complete. Most performance divisions have not been made yet.

We hope to figure out that puzzle by the end of the month.

UNDERSTUDY EVERYTHING IF YOU HAVE TIME. It is part of your dance education and may pay you benefits. Other understudies will be assigned & need to know the part in case the person with the part can’t do it because of an emergency.


Act I
The Party

Clara                            Caroline Zarrilli(1)/ Abby Schlapman(2)/ Peyton Forbes(3)/ Mae Cooper(4)
Fritz                             Toby Cole(4)/ Griffin Lucas(3)/ Preston Grasham(1)/ Joshua West(2)
Mrs. Stahlbaum       Shirley Martell
Mr. Stahlbaum         ?
Maid                            Rebekah Frank/Sarah Perrin
Maiden Aunt             Lisa Ward
Bachelor                    Dave Ward
Aunts                          Joy Brown, Rebecca Humpal, Kim Rost, Lisa Ward
Uncles                        Rory Bogan, Larry Humpal, Chris Lang, Dave Ward and…
Cousins                     Courtney Book, Toby Cole, Mae Cooper, Peyton Forbes, Preston Grasham,
                                   Griffin Lucas, Maggie McCann, Emily Osmer, Mira Redman, Clayton Bogan,
                                   Walter Brown, Eamonn O’Halloran, Jack Phillips, Abby Schlapman,

                                    Joshua West, Caroline Zarrilli
Pierrette, the Doll  Elise Cole(1,4)/Bianca Rost(2,3)
Small Dolls               Lyra Dailey, Raeleigh Martell
Animated Soldier   Robert Hubscher(?), Bailey Carey-Fox(?),(US:Delorin(?)?, Ezra(?)?) OR…
Herr Drosselmeyer David Herriott


Midnight & Battle

Mice                             Leah Allen, Maressa Bender, Ezra Brislin, Rose Cooper, Ava DiSalvo,

                                    Colgan Mince, Allie Tovar, Caitlyn Spink

Soldiers                     Caroline Abney, Alexis Adams, Rebekah Brislin, Katie Kline, Griffin Lucas,
                                   Finola O’Halloran, Arabella Nelson, Kaitlyn Nelson

Nutcracker               Eamonn O’Halloran/Jack Phillips (US: Preston Grasham)
Mouse King

Snow Scene


Snow Queen           Natalie Cusker(1,4)/ Alicia Wright (2,3)
Snow Cavalier       Payton Campbell(1,4)/Det Rost (2,3)
Snow Soloists        Natalie Cusker(2,3)/Dagny Holt(1,4), Noelle Humpal,

                                 Kaya Ashley King,Emma Lang

Snowflakes             Emma Boudah, Olivia Blank, Savannah Blank, Alaina Hoover, Marian Hoover,
                                 Hayden Houston, Josie Scroggin, Katie Ward (US: Junior Company)



Act II
The Land of the Sweets


Christmas Tree Angels         Caroline Abney, Vivianne Brown, Naomi Burns, Hannah Cipollari,

                                                   Nora Faulkner, Tehillah Lee, Vivienne Riggs, Julide Yalim
Dew Drop Fairy                      Charlotte Bellingrath(1,4)/Emma Lang(2,3)
Sugar Plum Fairy                   Morgan Holder(1,4)/Elizabeth Smith(2,3)
Cavalier                                     Miles Cole US: Payton Campbell
Spanish                                     Samantha Cherneski(2,3)/Emma Keel(1,4)
Scheherazade                          Emma Boudah(1,4)/Kaya Ashley King(2,3)
Porters                                      Det Rost(1,4)/Rory Bogan(2,3), Brock Bush(1,4)/Payton Campbell(2,3),

                                                 Robert Hubscher(2,3)/Bailey Carey-Fox (1,4) Ezra Brislin,
Arabian Demi-soloists       Megan Forbes(2,3)/Samantha Hubbard(1,4), Hayden Houston
Arabian Corps                       Maressa Bender1,4)/Allie Tover(2,3), Genevieve Bradley, Dorothy Brown,

                                                Ruth Brown, Paige Hernandez

Chinese                                   Alaina Hoover, Marian Hoover, Josie Scroggin
Mother Ginger                     Greg?
Gingerbread Children      Reese Avenel, Chloe Kyser, Morgan Leonard, Olivia Matheny,

                                              Olivia Moore, Jordyn West

Marie Antoinette               Olivia Blank(1,4)/Noelle Humpal (2,3)
Shepherd                             Robert Hubscher(1,4)/Bailey Carey-Fox(2,3) (US: Ezra Brislin)
Sheep                                    Clayton Bogan, Walter Brown, Eleanor Lewis, Hannah Liese (1,4)/
                                             Lillian Pacheco, Charlotte Riggs, Evelyn Riggs, Eva Rigney (2.3)

Shepherdesses                 Leah Allen, Rose Cooper, Katie Kline, Finola O’Halloran, Megan

                                             Forbes(1,4)/Samantha Hubbard(2,3), Maressa Bender(2,3)/Allie Tovar(1,4)

Orchid                                 Leanne Denman(1,4)/Dagny Holt(2,3) US Noelle, Emma Lang and Charlotte
Cavalier                             Det Rost(2,3)/Payton Campbell(1,4) US: Miles, Brock, Robert and Bailey
Roses                                  Charlotte Bellingrath, Elise Cole, Emma Lang, Emma Keel, Bianca Rost,

                                           Alicia Wright US: Senior Co. if available and Rose, Allie

                                           and the rest of the Junior Company

Lilies                                 Samantha Cherneski(1,4)/Morgan Holder(2,3),

                                          Leanne Denman(2,3)/Elizabeth Smith(1/4)

Violets                              Anna Claire Abney, Olivia Bain, Mikayla Berezinski, Scout Blank,

                                         Keelie Bogan, Kayleigh Bradshaw, Anna Hall, Raeleigh Martel

Russian                           Savannah Blank, Katie Ward, Emma Boudah(2,3)/

                                        (US: Noelle Humpal, Hayden Houston and Kaya Ashley King)
                                        Brock Bush(2,3)/ Bailey Carey-Fox(1,4), Payton Campbell,

                                        Robert Hubscher(2,3)/ Delorin Carpenter(1,4) US: Ezra (more TBA)

Grand Pas de Deux     Sugar Plum and Cavalier