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April 1, 2020

First of all Keren and I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!  These are crazy, unpredictable times. We know many people are suffering not only because of Covid-19 but also with financial concerns. AYB/ AYBT have taken a hit and more will be coming. We still have rent/utilities, etc to pay so we can open again when it is deemed safe. No one knows the date at which we will reopen. We have developed a fluid plan to reopen, realizing we will be closed for at least all of April and probably May.


Since we are a Small Business and we have always tried to keep our tuition as low as possible, we are hoping that you all will be supportive of AYB and not ask for refunds at this time, unless you need it to survive. Costumes have arrived and we need to pay the bill so we hope you will be able to make your costume payment. This is only for those classes who have been notified by your teacher. If you have been financially affected by COVID-19, please let us know and we will make adjustments.


Some of our teachers have posted videos on YouTube or live streamed on Facebook or Zoom so that our students can continue their dance training. AYB has made a commitment to at least pay them for the class. All of our instructors are missing their students and are ready to get back in the studio when it is safe.


If we can reopen by June 1st or 8th, we would like to continue our school year classes for June and July (instead of a summer program, we feel that most of you will not be traveling as much this summer.). Then do our School Showcase somewhere between July 18 and August 1 and combine parts of the Showcase with AYBT's production of Cinderella. We will make a final decision by June 8th.


We are trying to hold on to the Showcase and Cinderella to provide hope and a positive out look for the future for our dancers. Please be aware nothing is set in stone and we will be monitoring the situation. WE WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL IT IS DEEMED SAFE because right now we need to shelter in place and not have any personal live interaction, but you can watch our class videos and move with them every day. You may also watch our past performances on DVD or some of our clips on YouTube.


The fluid adjustable (day by day) plan to reopen as soon as it is deemed safe to do so:
1. Maybe some time in May
2. Some time in June 
3. Maybe July 6th

David Herriott,             

Artistic Director, AYBT


Cinderella and More


for Summer 2020

Cinderella Poster_mod217.PNG

Check Out

AYB's Summer Intensive

with Luba Gulyaeva


AYBT's Mission

  • Inspire students to achieve their individual potential through excellence in training and development in the art of dance.

  • Perform to the highest standard as a component of student dancers’ education.

  • Enrich communities through the promotion of dance as an art form

What is Team Bravo?

We are a group of parents working to support funding for projects at Alabama Youth Ballet Theatre, a non-profit Performing Ballet Company.


In 2018, we have funded—

* The Mary Ann Peterson Memorial Costume Fund

* Scholarships

* Community Outreach

* The Dance Connection


Thank you for your support!


For more information or to find out what Team Bravo is up to click here.




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